1. What is the MLS?

MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. This is a system, usually run and supported by the local Real Estate Board that has details of almost every home listed for sale with a real estate agent.

It used to be a big giant notebook with paper printouts but today has been computerized in virtually every real estate market in the country. Licensed agents (who are current on their local board dues) can submit and search the MLS for homes listed for sale.

2. How long will it take to sell my home?

This question is difficult (actually, impossible) to answer. A good real estate agent can tell you the Average Days On Market (DOM) for your area, but it's just that--an average. Some homes will sell faster than the average DOM, some will take longer.

Houses sell based on three primary factors:

  • Condition
  • Location
  • Price

3. Do I need a real estate agent if I am buying a new home?

Given that I am a real estate agent, it's difficult to answer this question without looking biased. But you asked, so here's my opinion...

Yes, you should be represented by an agent if you are buying a new home. And no, I'm not saying that just because I'm a real estate agent...

Keep in mind that my services are free to you as the buyer. My fees are paid by the seller. I am able to make you aware of all the properties on the market. In fact we will even email you daily with any new homes that come on the market that fit your qualification. Think of it this way, you don’t need an attorney to go to court. But it might be a good idea. You don’t need to hire hairstylist to cut your hair, you can cut it on your own, but that might not be a great idea. Having someone to look out for your needs, protect your interests and negotiate on yoru behalf will made the home buying experience is a good idea.

4. Why our real estate services in Utah are superior to the competition?

We are dedicated to providing the very best knowledge, integrity, commitment, and friendly service. We will be responsive and always available to our present and prospective clients. Our priority is having a first rate reputation based upon sincere concern for the good of our clients. These words will become real as you experience our prompt service, professionalism, feedback, and marketing.

Our experience really speaks for itself. In 2000 our company found was a finalist in the Salt lake Board of Realtors Rookie of the year aware. Our company has been feature in Ski magazine a world wide publication.

Our agents are in good standings with the division of real estate, members of the salt lake board of realtors, Members of the Utah Assocaiton of Realtors and part of the Wastch Front MLS. Our agent do regular conitue education and are aware of everything happendin in Utah.

Wether you are looking to buy or sell we are the team for you. Our experience is so fast many of our agents get calls from other companies asking for advice and guideance. In 2002 Cendant company that owns Coldwell Banker and Century 21 aproaced our owners about selling the company. The owners said absolutely not! Not at any price. We are able to offer so many thigns as a smaller company that the big companies can never offer. First off is service. We only have trained vetrains that know hat they are doing.

5. Why invest in Utah?

Utah is a beautiful state. Its natural beauty and thriving economy draws thousands of new residents to this state each year. If you are thinking about investing in Utah real estate, especially if you are interested in investing in Salt Lake City real estate, then you will first need to learn about the local real estate markets, you will need to learn how to spot a good deal, and you will need to know how to price your properties to sell.

If you are interested in investing in Salt Lake City commercial properties then you will first need to learn about this Utah real estate niche. Here the average cost to buy commercial properties is between $90 and $100 per square foot. While this is the average price range for buying a commercial property you may be able to find properties that cost more or less per square foot. The price to rent a commercial space, on the other hand, is between $15 and $20 per square foot per year. If you want to make the best profit off of your Salt Lake City commercial property then you will need to find a commercial property that will produce enough rental income to cover your carrying costs and still provide you with a generous profit margin.

If you are interested in investing in Salt Lake City residential investment properties then you will also need to learn the basics about this Utah real estate niche. This market has a larger price range to work with. The purchase price of a rental property will vary depending on whether it is a single family or multifamily property, its location, and its condition. Just to give you an idea of what type of money you can make renting out a property in a multiplex you should know that the price for a basic two bedroom one bath apartment in Salt Lake City ranges between $500 and $1200.

6. The current economic situation in Utah?

Utah Ranked No. 1 for Expected Economic Recovery. “As legislators, we know that we are in direct competition with other states for human and investment capital,” said Utah Revenue and Taxation Committee Chairman, Senator Wayne Niederhauser. “Rich States, Poor States has provided invaluable information to strengthen our efforts to reduce tax burdens in Utah and we are happy to again be ranked as the most competitive state in the nation.”


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