I was recently thinking how much communication has changed in just the last few short years. I remember when my grandma just had 1 phone in the house (attached to a cord). It was in the middle of the kitchen and we all loved it when the phone rang. Then, when my kids were little they would be causing havoc about an inch from where I could reach with the wall phone. It was just a great day when I could walk anywhere in the house with the phone (and even outside a little). It was pure amazing to talk on the phone while driving. Now, I can never get anyone to call me back, return a call, letter, or RSVP. I know it is good to have everything documented in email and text but I really think the personal touch is being lost. Our lives are so crazy and busy now. It’s not that I would want to go back to having a ton of phone calls everyday but I do think there is some merit to hearing the emotion in someone’s voice when they talk to you about how they are feeling. I also miss the personal contact that comes with a phone call and the chance to be able to explain what I am thinking and finding out what the other person perceives.

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