junky houseThere is so much hype on HGTV now about staging and curb appeal. Does it really make a difference? Well, it depends on how much money you want to net if you are the seller. If you are a buyer, it will make all the difference on how long you will want to wander through a house. Your first impression, even from the outside, can determine the outcome of a purchase.  There is a reason they stage model homes with simple, classic furniture , leave the doors off the rooms, and turn on all the lights.  There is a huge difference in 2 homes that are equal but one smells nice, is spotless and all the lights are on. Our sense of smell can give us an emotional jolt whether it be good or bad.  Everyone loves the smell of cookies (candles) baking but some smells are totally repulsive.  Even as an agent, it is hard to get beyond a house that smells bad.  Not everyone can buy furniture at Pottery Barn or Ethen Allen but if it is shabby, cover it up or get rid of it. I am a firm believer in staging a house but not with junk. More is not always better. If you wonder if it is really worth it, I have seen a $10,000 difference in price between 2 of the same houses-one that is cleaned up and one that has too much clutter and garbage.

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