I’m kidding right?¬† Let’s face it…moving can be and will always be stressful.¬† When I decided to move to Utah from Nevada where I had been selling Real Estate for 18 years, I would break out into a sweat.¬†¬† Then, little by little, the idea of a new adventure took hold so here are some ideas that helped me make my move happen -Happily!

I took a big breath and then I kept on breathing.¬† I made up my mind at the beginning to make this a good and happy experience (even if it killed me).¬† I love the new George Strait song, It’s not the breaths you take or the breathing in and out ¬†but the moments that take your breath away.

I took an inventory of everything I had to take and what I was ready to part with.  The garage is always a scary zone for me because it is so hard to part with something I am sure I will need in my new residence.

Get Help & Have Fun! If you have never needed help in your life before (does that even happen?) you will need it now.  I was so grateful for grown up kids and friends who pitched in and gave me ideas and helped me with the problems the cropped up along the way. When things got too overwhelming I had to take a walk until I could face it again.

I researched where I was going.  I felt positive with my experience as an agent since 1990 that I would be able to find the right job that would fit my needs and personality. I was so glad to find a place to work where people really matter.

If you are buying or selling real estate, pick your agent carefully.  Make sure he/she is someone who is listening to your needs.

There will always be set backs in life and I definitely had some but for the most part, my move was a great experience that I wouldn’t really trade and especially since I love Utah!

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