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Salt Lake City-One of the Best in the Country

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

picture of Utah

I was reading just a great article from Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine that rated Salt Lake 5th out of 10 cities to live in for the next decade.  I remember when I first got here and was looking for a job, I was a little discouraged. Then, a friend of mine said I was competing with so many talented and educated people who were also looking.  That is one of the good things about Utah.  Talent is so important when companies look around to open in a location and Salt Lake has a very educated and deep talent pool.  There are so many different types of talent when you consider it.  Everyone has diffent talents and most businesses need a variety of personalities to make a company successful.  Utah is such a beautiful state and I can see many companies being drawn because of the beauty, culture, and the pool of people who are here to draw from. If you are having a hard time finding employment or you are not happy in your current place, don’t be discouraged. I can see Utah just growing and growing and articles such as those I was reading about will only help us to become number 1 instead of number 5. As our state and city grows, there will be numerous opportunities for all of us to make it the best as it grows and to grow along with it.